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Audrey Chait

Marketing Manager

Digits of Pi inexplicably still committed to memory
Number of solo drives across America
Pages of War and Peace read (only 785 to go!)

Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Marketing Manager Audrey Chait is a member of the Client Services team at Brick Factory. Her clients include American Chemistry Council, The David Prize, UsAgainstAlzheimers, and African Parks. She enjoys getting to know the style and voice of each client she works with.

Audrey has over a decade of experience in project management, and started her career as a director and producer for theater and live events. She has worked at venues including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, TEDx, and Carnegie Hall. She holds a BA in Literary Arts from Brown University, and an Artist Diploma from the University of Cincinnati. She now lives in Cincinnati with her husband and two cats. When time permits, she loves to throw a good dinner party.