Support and Maintenance

We work with clients on an ongoing basis to make sure their web program is getting results.

Our Approach

Be invested

We strive to be great partners as you work towards your goals. In everything we do, we work to thoroughly understand your needs and culture.


Just like annual checkups keep us healthy, preventative maintenance is the key to keeping your website secure. We ensure that your security updates are always current.


The launch of your new website is just the beginning. We will work with you to continuously improve and evolve your web program.


Not every client has the same maintenance needs. Some just need us to perform website updates while others have ambitious ongoing development plans.

UC Berkeley

“I found that the Brick Factory team was very responsive and easy to work with. We had weekly meetings with them, but also emailed with them as things came up or if we had questions. Once we were in the testing phase, we met with them more frequently. I appreciate how much the project manager met with me to answer questions and to walk me through the features and functionality of the program.”


Managed Hosting

We partner with best-in-class third-party host providers, and will help you pick a host that ensures your digital program is available and ready to scale.

Content Management System Updates

Performing regular WordPress or Drupal updates isn’t the most glamorous part of the job, but this is something we do to keep your website running smoothly. We perform thorough quality control before applying these to your live site, so there are no unintended side effects.

Security and Uptime Monitoring

Website security is a 24-hour job: our monitoring process involves tools that constantly review your site for outages and security intrusions. Our level of experience with these platforms means that we can act swiftly to get your website up and running.

Regular Data Reporting

Once we’ve set goals for your digital program and are making moves to achieve them, it’s time to start gathering data. We’ll work with you to determine an ongoing reporting cycle for the data that is most important to you.

Site Enhancements

Your website is a living and growing part of your organization. We’ll work with you to continuously add tools and features to your website to keep your web program moving forward.

Performance Enhancements

The faster your website is, the better job it will do at converting visitors. Load speed can deteriorate over time, which is why we’ll keep an eye on this over the long term.

Content Management

We build our websites so that your team can update nearly every aspect of your website (don’t worry – we’ll train you first!) In addition, we can always help with content updates. When it’s a busy day, and you really need that job posting to go up on the website yesterday, give us a shout!

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