Research and Planning

We start by listening carefully to your ideas. Through a thoughtful research and planning process, we’ll help you turn them into an action plan.

Our Approach

We focus on results

We’ll start by dreaming big: what’s your best possible outcome? Once we understand what success means to you for this project, we make plans laser-focused on achieving your goals.

The right tools

No matter how good the ideas, a project can fail if the wrong tools are used. We’ll help you choose the right technology for the job, and put together a project roadmap that explains how to get where you want to go.

Content is king

Whether you are creating content from scratch, or you already have some killer content, we’ll help you get it website-ready. The best web content is short, eye-catching, and digestible.

Anticipating risks

Every project has risks associated with it. Problems that are identified and addressed early on are less likely to derail a project. We have the experience to know what potential problems to look out for.

National University

“Scope of the work is both strategic and tactical, and we have many projects The Brick Factory has supported. Across all these projects The Brick Factory has been an invaluable partner in terms of creating an overall project plan with phases and milestones that could be shared with stakeholders as well as guide cross-functional teams.”


Discovery and Analysis

We’ll begin by getting to know you, and learning more about the project: what are your objectives, and what does success look like? Armed with this information, we will create clear and focused plans for the project.

Information Architecture

There’s nothing more satisfying than actually being able to find what you’re looking for on a website. To make this happen, we’ll sort through your content and create a streamlined way to organize it. We love building simple, user-friendly navigation systems that just make sense.

Technical Roadmap

First, we’ll look at the technologies you’re using currently: what’s working, and what isn’t? We’ll draw from our wealth of experience to determine the ideal tools for your project, and create a plan to implement your new tech stack.

User Research

There is a gold mine of information to be found in the analytics of your existing website: Who are your users, and how do they behave? We often also conduct additional research like stakeholder interviews and user testing. All of this information helps us make sure the goals for the project are based on real-life data.

Content Audit and Planning

Using analytics, we’ll take a deep dive into the content on your website: what are people gravitating to, and what could be performing better? We’ll use these insights to create a plan for what content to adjust, and if any new content should be created for the new site.

Content Guidelines

When we think about content for your new website, we’re also thinking about how to support your content team in the months (and years!) to come. We’ll create guides to help you shape future content, including recommendations for content structure, and SEO best practices.

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