We believe in designing user interfaces that are beautiful, dead simple to use, and drive conversions.

Our Approach

Ease of use

Our design philosophy is not about the bells and whistles. Our focus is to use design to connect users with the content they’re looking for, as quickly as possible.

Clean and simple

Dieter Ram said the best design has as little design as possible. We follow that philosophy, resulting in a clean, minimal design where every element has a purpose.

Focus on conversions

Your website isn’t just there to look nice – its job is to inspire meaningful actions. Our design process focuses on telling your story in a way that leads to conversions.

Design for all screens

More than half of all internet usage now happens on mobile devices. We create user interfaces that work as well on a phone as they do on a large desktop computer.

International Youth Foundation

“Their level of responsiveness and ability to address our problems are their best attributes. Moreover, they focus on being cost-effective to avoid charging us extra if we need additional work hours to get something done. The Brick Factory is the best choice if you’re looking for a responsive and timely partner.”


Brand Identity

Online branding is just as much about how well things work as it is how they look. We create websites that tell the story of your brand through their look and functionality.

User Experience

Because websites are more complex than ever, we consider it increasingly important to design a clear user experience. We design cohesive experiences that address user needs at every touchpoint.

User Interface

The true test of your website is the experience of using it: we create user interfaces that look great and provide intuitive navigation. We draw on our deep understanding of visual and interactive components to provide a great user interface.

Design Systems

We’ll create design components that can be re-used across your site for years to come, ensuring cohesive brand identity. Your team will be able to use these components to create new, feature-rich pages in no time at all.

User Testing

Before we move forward with building your new website or feature, we’ll make sure it works for the audiences you care about most. We conduct user testing to make sure our designs serve the needs of your key audiences.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We design websites that drive conversions, and the launch is only the beginning! We continuously monitor and optimize performance to make sure your site delivers consistently.


In all of our projects, we keep accessibility in mind: our sites are designed to stay current with the latest ADA standards.

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