The social media usage of America's largest nonprofits

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become critical communications tools for nonprofits.  But how are nonprofits using these platforms and how effective are they? This reports seeks to answer those questions and provide nonprofits with benchmark data they can use to evaluate their own programs.

Following are just a few of the questions this study answers:

  • Which platforms are nonprofits using and how many followers do they have?
  • How frequently do nonprofits post on each platform?
  • How engaged are supporters with the content nonprofits post?
  • Which platform has the highest engagement levels?
  • What days of the week are most successful?
  • What types of content do nonprofits post and which are the most successful?
  • Does using hashtags and location tags have any impact on the success of a post?

This report is a must read for any nonprofit. Download the full study today.