Gabby Bernstein

Rebuilding the Website of a Bestselling Author

Gabby Bernstein is a best selling author and international speaker.  In 2020 Brick Factory worked with the Gabby team to redesign the company’s online store, which brings in millions of dollars a year through the sales of members-only content.


While their website is powered by WordPress, the Gabby Bernstein, Inc.’s store and email marketing were using a dated platform that the team had outgrown.  The Gabby team wanted a more flexible and powerful ecommerce platform and a feature rich marketing automation solution.  The decision was made to migrate the store to WooCommerce and the email marketing to Iterable. 

WooCommerce is a powerful ecommerce platform that integrates seamlessly with WordPress.  The tight connection was a key consideration in choosing the platform, as the paywall content was already built in WordPress.  Woo is an open source platform, so the ability to customize it was a key factor as well.

Iterable is a cross-channel marketing platform that allows for the creation of powerful customer journeys.  The Gabby team sells dozens of products, and each has its own unique email workflow that is triggered on purchase.  The Gabby team also has a large number of opt in forms that trigger custom workflow as well. 

Online Shopping Experience

As a first step in the process, we designed a new checkout experience for customers.  We wanted to create an experience that was dead simple for customers and which also provided a way to recommend products of interest to users.

On the checkout page itself, we build an address autofill feature that speeds up the address entry process.  The checkout page also includes the option to purchase products via both credit card and Paypal.  After a user makes a purchase, the store recommends additional products to users based on the specific products that were purchased and the customer’s purchase history. 

Iterable Integration

There is an extremely tight integration between WordPress and Iterable.  Every time a customer purchases a product, data about the customer and purchase are sent to Iterable triggering receipts, automated email workflows, and more.    Similarly, anytime a user joins an email list on the Gabby site they are entered into an automated workflow.

We also worked with the Gabby team to create a custom email preference page that integrates with Iterable.  The page allows for customers to unsubscribe from emails based on the type of message.

Data Migration

Perhaps the trickiest aspect of the project was migrating historical customer data from the legacy platform to WooCommerce and Iterable.  Over the years the Gabby site has attracted hundreds of thousands of orders from thousands of customers.  It was vital that this data get migrated into the new system in a way to ensure customers retained access to their products and continue to receive emails.

The export of data provided by the legacy provider was extremely complex – with data strewn across a hundred plus different CSV files.  Brick Factory created a custom migration script that translated the legacy data into a format that matched the structure of WooCommerce and Iterable.

Brick Factory received a 2022 Marcom Award for their work in the E-Commerce category. The work was evaluated based on design, ability to produce results, and usability.