Center for Innovation in Vision and Optics

Building an Online Program for a New Membership Organization

The University of California Berkeley’s Center for Innovation in Vision and Optics (CIVO) promotes the use of innovative technologies for the healthy and diseased eye.  CIVO is a membership-based organization.  Among other benefits, members receive access to proprietary content (lectures, research, resume banks, etc.) through a member’s only website. 

CIVO was a brand new organization when it hired Brick Factory in 2019 to design and develop its website.  We had the opportunity to design and develop the site from scratch.

Public Facing Website

As a membership-based organization, the goal of the public facing aspect of the website is clear: recruit new members.  We kept the design simple and elegant, focusing on clearly explaining the benefits of membership and highlighting the expertise of the world-class researchers that make up CIVO.

Members Only Section

The key draw of CIVO is the proprietary content that members get access to.  We built a dead simple members only section that consists of CIVO news, video lectures, research, datasets, and resumes of exceptional researchers.  In designing this section, our entire goal was to create something that was dead simple to use and that it made it easy for members to quickly find the content they were looking for.

Drupal Development

While the public facing aspect of the site is very simple, the members only section features a great deal of content of different types.  We chose to build the site in Drupal 8 due to the platform’s power and flexibility.  Drupal allowed to build a powerful members only section that is dead simple for the CIVO team to update and manage.