Panthera is a non-profit whose mission is to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific leadership and global conservation action. The organization consists of world-renowned scientists who specialize in the study of wild cats. A long-time client, Panthera engaged Brick Factory to complete a second redesign of its flagship website, Panthera’s goal was to create a stunning website that their team had complete control over.

  • Program Strategy & Planning
  • Informational Architecture
  • List Building
  • Online Fundraising
  • Content Audit & Strategy
  • Technology Audit & Strategy
  • Drupal Development


Prior to contracting with the Brick Factory, Panthera worked with an outside design firm to plan and execute the designs for the new website. While this firm worked to design and code the frontend display for the website, Brick Factory was brought on to develop a custom backend framework for the redesigned platform.

Panthera needed a website that could be easily updated and maintained by content editors. Brick Factory’s solution to this was a custom modular admin built in Drupal. Each page of the Panthera site consists of a series of widgets that work together to tell the story of the organization.

On the back end of the site, administrators can pick and choose which widgets make up a given page. This allows content editors to create beautiful, feature-rich pages without being HTML experts. Every page you see on the Panthera website was built by content editors with minimal training.

Using this modular approach achieves flexibility without sacrificing structure and brand consistency. While content editors have a great deal of control over what widgets to include on a given page, the overall design system will stay consistent and on brand.

Panthera Modular Design


Key aspects of the new program included a new Meet the Cats section, which features dedicated mini-homepages about each of the main species of big cats, as well as Initiative pages that highlights the great work Panthera is doing within each of their Programs.

Panthera partners with some of the world’s greatest nature photographers. A key component of the redesign involved using Panthera’s photography to create an emotional connection between Panthera and site visitors


    Allowing Panthera’s supporters to quickly and easily make online donations was key to the web program’s success. Just as important was giving Panthera’s content editors the ability create campaign-specific donation pages without the help of a developer. To meet these goal, Brick Factory developed a donation widget where editors can set custom photos, project allocations, language and donation amounts all through the site’s admin. Donors can now contribute from any device. These widgets can be added to any page on the site with a click of a button, helping to create robust landing pages and drive donations.

    Panthera Donation Page


    As the only organization in the world devoted exclusively to the conservation of wild cats, Panthera gets a ton of press and media coverage about their work. To showcase this coverage, Brick Factory developed a dynamic grid widget. Administrators now have the ability to pick what type of content they want to display in the grid on a given page, and to limit the content based on topics or custom tags. This means that content editors can easily create a list of press releases or articles about tigers and insert it on any page of the site. Features like site search and custom filtering allow visitors to easily find the content they’re looking for.

    Panthera Dynamic Grid