Keiro is a mission-driven organization engaged in improving the quality of life for older adults and their caregivers in the Japanese American and Japanese communities in California. Keiro came to Brick Factory in late 2017 with the goal of redesigning their website to better communicate with their key audiences.

  • Content Audit & Strategy
  • Testing & Quality Control
  • Program Strategy & Planning
  • WordPress Development
  • User Experience Design

Strategic Design

Since key actions, such as donating and joining their email list, was hidden in the website’s previous design, Brick Factory’s strategy for increasing conversions started with button visibility. With the website’s updated design, Brick Factory brought Keiro’s key actions to the forefront.

Keiro Strategic Design


Housing all the news articles and other resources in several sections, like the old design did, created an unclear user experience.

Brick Factory reorganized Keiro’s content through grouping all news articles and other resources in one section. This new section filters by type of content (such as press releases and publications) and topics (such as caregiving or partnerships).

This new method for content organization significantly streamlines users’ ability to quickly search for relevant information.

Keiro Updated Content Organization


As an organization that serves an older, Japanese-speaking audience, accessibility was a prime focus while building the new website. As a result, we used contrasting colors on buttons and sliders and a larger font size on the hero image.

Additionally, previously, Japanese and English content was haphazardly mixed and difficult to find. Brick Factory created a self-contained Japanese section, allowing Japanese speaking visitors to easily find the information in their native tongue.

Keiro Multilingual


With a focus on ease of use, Brick Factory created a more robust, admin-friendly platform. Now, Keiro staff can edit almost every component of the website without needing a developer.

Keiro Admin Experience