IYF: (RE) Connecting Youth

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) works around the world to ensure youth develop the leadership, technical, and life skills they need to earn a livelihood. In 2017, The Brick Factory partnered with IYF and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create www.iyfreconnectingyouth.org, a website for their newest initiative: (Re)Connecting Youth: Exchanging Global Lessons. The new initiative shares innovative global approaches for improving the connection between young people and the practitioners, policymakers, and funders they interact with throughout the United States.

  • Program Strategy & Planning
  • Informational Architecture
  • Technology Audit & Strategy
  • Drupal Development

Building in Druapl 8 and Stacks

It was important to the (Re)Connecting Youth project team that they have complete control over their content and the flexibility to build new, dynamic pages as needed. With these requirements in mind, we decided to build the new (Re)Connecting Youth site in Drupal 8 featuring Brick Factory’s Stacks module. Drupal 8 gave us most of the required functionality out of the box. Stacks allowed us to give (Re)Connecting Youth’s content managers the ability to build beautiful and complex pages themselves using reusable widgets.

IYF screenshots

Flexible Program Articles

(Re)Connecting Youth wanted to highlight how organizations around the world are uniquely integrating the initiative’s strategies in the communities they reach. To do this, we gave them the tools to showcase each case study in a custom format. Using the Stacks widget-based system, these dynamic article pages can feature a combination of video, audio, photo galleries, pull quotes, and more. Because of the flexibility offered by the platform, each case study can vary significantly from the next, allowing content managers to tell each story in a unique way without touching a line of code.