Up for Growth National Coalition

Up for Growth National Coalition is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) that works to increase affordable housing in communities through pragmatic, data-driven solutions. Brick Factory worked with Up for Growth National Coalition to redesign their website, as well as construct a housing calculator resource.

Seattle Housing Policy and Affordability Calculator

The interactive calculator was created to illustrate the impact of local public policy on housing affordability. By default, the calculator is set to reflect the current policy conditions in Seattle. Users can make adjustments to policy assumptions and see the impact on rent and citywide housing production in real time. Among the sixteen policy levers that can be adjusted are Annual Property Tax Increase, State Real Estate Excise Tax, Green Factor Requirements, and Affordability Set-Aside.


Instantaneous Data Visualization

Site administrators are able to quickly construct stylized charts, table of contents, tables, and two-columned layouts without needing a designer or HTML knowledge using rows on the research content type.

Up for Growth used the research content type on the Housing Underproduction in California page to visualize the data presented in their respective report.


Customizable Website Branding

Up for Growth California and Up for Growth Washington are both 501(c)(4) state projects of Up for Growth National Coalition. In order to highlight this difference, we provided admin users with the option of customizing the logos and branding on these website pages.


Salesforce integration

Website users can sign up to become a member of Up for Growth National Coalition, lending their voice in support of policy changes. Data collected through this membership form automatically flows into Up for Growth Salesforce database.


Drupal 8

The Up for Growth website is powered by Drupal 8. Using Drupal allows for Up for Growth staff to easily update content while providing the flexibility for more advanced custom features such as the Seattle Housing Policy and Affordability Calculator.