Email Marketing: Daniel’s Music Foundation

Founded in 2005, Daniel’s Music Foundation (DMF) is a nonprofit that uses music to enrich the lives of people with disabilities and works towards universal acceptance and respect for their community. Since its founding, DMF’s work has centered on it’s Music Center in New York City. However, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced DMF to temporarily close the Center and shift to online offerings. Once they did, they realized they had the opportunity to offer their programs to people outside of New York. At that point, DMF hired Brick Factory with the dual goals of growing their email list and developing meaningful relationships with their new contacts.

Email List Growth


Facebook Lead Generation Ad Campaign

At the beginning of the engagement with DMF, the DMF team set the ambitious goal of doubling their email list within 3 months. Brick Factory and DMF discussed a number of strategies to do so and decided that targeted Facebook Ads would be the best way to achieve this goal quickly and ensure that the new contacts were a part of DMF’s target audiences.

To start, Brick Factory took the time to fully understand their primary audience: parents of disabled individuals. Brick Factory hosted a series of meetings with DMF staff and reviewed a number of questions. What concerns does this audience have? How can our offerings benefit them? How can we use Facebook’s targeting system to reach them? Considering this group is quite diverse, how can we make the ads relevant to everyone within our target audience? We used these meetings to develop audiences within Facebook - ensuring that each person who saw our ads was a parent who had shown interest in groups working with autistic individuals, people with down syndrome, or with special education.

Once the audiences were set, Brick Factory worked with the DMF staff to develop a series of A/B tests for the actual ad content. Over the course of one month, we evaluated:

  • Would a photo or a video drive more sign ups?
  • Which would work better - an edited video showcasing all DMF had to offer, or a clip taken straight from a DMF event?
  • Would the audience respond better to videos highlighting music performances, someone speaking, or dance parties?

Through our audience targeting and content testing, we were able to maximize DMF’s budget and exceed their goal.

Within one month, DMF nearly tripled their email list.

fb ads

Expand Target Audience With Google Ads

In early 2021, DMF and Brick Factory met to discuss new strategies for furthering its mission and expanding it’s email list. At the time, DMF had a number of original video series in the works that would be interesting for people of all abilities. Brick Factory helped DMF to develop new target audiences for this content and create a cross-platform approach that would both recruit and engage.

As a starting point, Brick Factory recommended a landing page for each series. The page would include the first video in the series, a brief introduction to what the series is and who DMF is, and an email sign up to receive more content.

After signing up, the subscriber would immediately receive an email with the next video in the series. And shortly after, the subscriber would be added to a specific segment of the email list so they can begin receiving related content bi-weekly.

In order to promote the landing pages, Brick Factory leveraged DMF’s Google Grant. Brick Factory developed a list of high volume, relevant keywords that would attract a large number of the right people right away. Brick Factory also developed search ad copy that served as a bridge between the targeted keywords and the landing page content.

Expand Target Audience With Google Ads

Update Email Template to Improve Engagement

DMF understood that a large email list isn’t very meaningful if you’re not working to build a relationship with your contacts. The DMF team had a good email content strategy in place - regularly sending their lists a personal message, the latest events, and the latest videos. However, we could see that the packaging of this content could use some improvement.

Brick Factory worked with DMF to update their email templates. The goals were to:

  • Implement consistent brand guidelines so the emails will look and feel similar to the content on DMF’s website and social media channels. The idea here is to present DMF in the most professional light and to improve the user’s experience.
  • Ensure that the template meets accessibility standards. In particular, make sure that the colors have the appropriate levels of contrast for the visually impaired.
  • Add more prominent calls to action like buttons and “play” symbols on videos. The goal here is to see the click rate on the emails increase.

After implementing the new email template, DMF saw a 30% increase in the click rate on their monthly newsletter.

email template