Counter Extremism Project

The Counter Extremism Project is an international policy organization led by a renowned group of former world leaders and diplomats. Their mission is to combat the growth of extremism through advocacy and research.

When CEP was founded, they chose Brick Factory to build their website. Since then, the CEP and Brick Factory teams have worked together closely: responding to world events by regularly releasing new features.

Terrorists and Extremists Database

CEP researchers have compiled profiles for over 600 extremist individuals from around the world. To navigate these profiles, Brick Factory developed the Terrorists and Extremists Database. The Database features advanced search and filtering; visitors can find members of a particular organization, American extremists, foreign fighters operating in the Middle East, and more. Additionally, visitors can navigate the database using a map view that pinpoints the individuals’ base of operations.

CEP Terrorists and Extremists Database

Tech and Terrorism Blog

Foreign policy organizations need to quickly respond to the day’s news. To facilitate this, Brick Factory built CEP a blog for monitoring and responding to extremism online. The blog features a clean and simple user experience, making it easy to read and easy to update. It also features a robust tagging system so users can dive deeply into related content.

CEP Tech and Terrorism Blog

Custom Designed Reports

Many foreign policy think tanks produce well-research reports. Brick Factory helps CEP stand out with journalists and policy makers by creating custom designs for key reports. One example is “OK Google, Show Me Extremism,” where Brick Factory used powerful imagery, key numbers, and animation to bring the report’s abstract to life.

CEP Okay Google Report


When Brick Factory first built the CEP website, we knew it would need to scale. We chose Drupal as the content management system because it has robust functionality out of the box and allows for custom development.

Brick Factory paid particular attention to the site administrator’s experience. We configured Drupal so it’s easy for CEP staff to find and edit content. Today, the CEP website features nearly 10,000 content items in four languages.

CEP Drupal Backend