American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)

American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) is the national trade association of the U.S. wind energy industry. They represent 1,000 member companies and over 114,000 jobs in the U.S. economy, serving as a powerful voice for how wind works for America. AWEA came to the Brick Factory in 2019 to find a solution to better organize their contact management system from NationBuilder and a few other sources to centralize them all into Salesforce. 


The Brick Factory did a widespread clean up of the contacts by vetting duplicates, validating data and restructuring contact fields that were no longer relevant. They also set up a seamless integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud to give AWEA the opportunity to easily implement their email marketing efforts. 

Another important feature the Brick Factory implemented is the ability to associate congressional districts to each contact by using simply their zip code. With this new feature AWEA is able to effectively target their audience through email campaigns in those states with relevant information on legislation as well as encourage them to contact their congressman.

Salesforce Contact


After the success of the migration, AWEA and Brick Factory continued their partnership and created multiple state sites to house their advocacy programs:

Wind energy is beneficial for everyone and the fight for legislation can be unpredictable. The Brick Factory created a fully equipt site model to easily implement for when state law changes and a new state site has to be live quickly.

On each site, there is a clear call to action to take action or to join and sign up to receive newsletter updates. When a user signs up they are automatically filtered into Salesforce with the appropriate tags to note the source of the signup along with other contact fields. Within Salesforce, extensive reports are created to be able to filter by multiple facets such as state, congressional districts, specific contacts etc., the limits are endless. These reports then flow straight into Salesforce Marketing Cloud where targeted messaging is created.

Power Up Illinois Sign Ups


Previously branded as Power of Wind for AWEA’s national site, Brick Factory was heavily involved with creating a  brand. Now known as Clean Power for America, Brick Factory created the logo, color schemes and website design to integrate into a comprehensive website to house all of AWEA’s advocacy needs. 

Clean Power for America Homepage


The Brick Factory continues to maintain a great relationship with AWEA and assists in website maintenance and newsletter email campaigns. As well as new features and improvements to keep Salesforce organized to have the best data as well as SEO to keep their advocacy impactful and relevant to their audience.