Pricing Structure

What is Brick Factory’s pricing structure?

Budget is always one of the most important factors in choosing a digital agency and planning your online strategy. That’s why we have transparent, up-front pricing; a variety of engagement options; and an everyday focus on making sure you get a great return on your investment.

In pricing work, we first define whether the client wants to complete a discrete project or start an ongoing relationship with Brick Factory. Within each of these overarching engagement types, we have a few different pricing models.



For smaller web development projects with a well-defined scope of work, we will often complete work for a fixed price that we negotiate with the client. Put simply, this means that we quote a price, and then complete the pre-defined scope of work for that price.


For larger web development projects with a lot of unknowns, it is nearly impossible to quote an exact price without actually starting work. Given that, we often complete our larger projects on a time-and-materials basis. This approach allows clients to exercise budget control by picking and choosing which features to build through our agile development process

. And frankly, it also protects our team against cost overruns on projects with undefined scopes of work.

It is important to note that just because we do work on a time-and-materials basis doesn’t mean we don’t work within a budget. For all of our time-and-materials projects, we provide a budget range. We also typically include a maximum budget for the project in our time-and-materials development projects.

Ongoing Relationships


The majority of our ongoing clients choose a retainer model where they purchase blocks of hours every month. Your monthly hours can be used for any service we offer. Our typical clients use their retainers for a mix of software maintenance, website design and development, and digital strategy. You always have full control over how your time is allocated.

This approach guarantees that clients will have resources dedicated to their project each month while also providing both Brick Factory and the client cost certainty. We also provide discounts for clients that purchase large blocks of hours.


Some of our clients don’t require much ongoing support, and simply want our team to be available when they need us. In these situations, we complete work upon client request at an hourly rate that is higher than the rate paid by retainer clients. While we always strive to do our best, for time-and-materials support we can’t guarantee availability and have to work requests into our schedule.

Dedicated Resources

For intensive, long-term engagements, we will integrate our staff in your existing workflow and team structure. Our strategists and developers will work right alongside your team - using your issue and time-tracking systems, attending your team meetings, and using your development procedures and tools. This is a great option for organizations that need to complete a large project or require require extensive ongoing support.