IYF Annual Report

IYF Annual Report

The International Youth Foundation (IYF) works around the world to strengthen children and youth through education, health improvements, and the creation of job opportunities. The Brick Factory partnered with IYF to create an annual report micro-site highlighting IYF's achievements in 2016.

  • Program Strategy & Planning
  • Informational Architecture
  • Online Brand Identity
  • Responsive Website Development


By the time IYF approached Brick Factory about the project, a draft of the annual report had already been written. The Brick Factory was tasked with translating this content into a visually engaging micro-site that told IYF's story through a combination of video, photography, animations and text.

The first step in the project was the creation of a simple wireframe, which was used to define the overall approach to the layout of the content and how visitors would navigate the micro-site. Simultaneously, a mood board was created to set the visual language for the micro-site, outlining the fonts and colors that would be used.

From there, a full page design comp was created, defining the visual style for all key element in the report.

Finished Site

Once all designs were approved, The Brick Factory developed a fully functionality micro-site for IYF’s review. The site is extremely easy-to-use and tells the story of IYF work through text, video and photography. The site is fully responsive, ensuring it works just as well on mobiles phones and tablets as it does on laptops and desktops.

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