"Everything in the world must have design or the human mind rejects it. But in addition it must have purpose or the human conscience shies away from it."

- John Steinbeck

Teddy Taylor

Senior Designer

Teddy Taylor sets and maintains the highest visual standards while designing cutting-edge user interfaces for our clients. He consistently delivers strategic, creative solutions in his graphic designs. His artistic contributions can be found on such projects as Critical Exposure, Institute for 21st Century Energy, and No Labels.

Teddy earned his BFA in Communication Arts. In his free time, he enjoys illustration, photography, collecting, and listening to music.

Facts about Teddy

  • He is a pizza connoisseur.
  • He owns a collection of over 1,000 records and CDs.
  • His favorite website is turntable.fm.

Favorite Quote

"So what?" - Miles Davis