2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court case, In re Gault. This landmark decision ensured the right to a lawyer for children accused of crimes in juvenile court. To commemorate the anniversary and show that there is still work to do, National Juvenile Defender Center launched a year-long awareness campaign: Gault at 50. Brick Factory worked with NJDC to create a microsite for the campaign,

  • Program Strategy & Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Email List Building
  • Information Architecture
  • Online Brand Identity
  • Visual Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Front-end Development (HTML/CSS/JS)
  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Website Development


During the planning phase of the project, Brick Factory and NJDC worked together to determine the goals of the Gault at 50 campaign and how the microsite would support the effort. During initial strategy sessions, we decided to focus on two things: educating the general public about the Gault decision and the state of juvenile justice in American and building an email list to keep users engaged with the campaign.


Each year, there are 1 million juvenile delinquency cases. NJDC wanted to use powerful photography to tell some of these stories. We worked directly with a photographer to find photos that capture the emotion and diversity of these cases.

One of the challenges of the design was taking complicated legal information and presenting it in a way that would draw the user in, educating without overwhelming them. We used different design elements like key facts and a timeline to present the user with a portrait of juvenile justice.

Dynamic Content

A key NJDC audience is advocates for juvenile justice reform. For this group, NJDC wanted to create a website that will serve as a hub for all things Gault. To do this, we created a dynamic events calendar and media page. The event calendar features a location filter so, as more and more events are added throughout the year, users will be able to find events close to them. The media page provides updates on the campaign and articles on juvenile justice.


NJDC’s primary website was built in WordPress. Given that NJDC needed to make timely updates to the events and news sections of the site, we wanted to work in a system they felt comfortable with. WordPress is perfectly suited to a website of this size and we customized the administrative experience to make content updates simple.

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